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Lilith Eve is a swedish organisation for women who produce music and lyrics – and perform.

What we do:

Promoting talent with integrity
  • Supporting female musicians to make a difference, make headway and take positions in the industry
  • Creating new networks an co-operation between individuals and organizations.

Lilith Eve – the tale of creation

On March 8th, 2000, seven female singer/songwriters came together to give a concert at Nalen in Stockholm. With little planning and a very small budget, this group of friends and colleagues were able to create a night of entertainment that was held in very high regard by the audience.

Besides the pure joy of listening to talented singer/songwriters, they discovered how good it felt to meet and talk to women in the same field of interest. In finding other talented artists, they had a desire to collaborate and perform. That was the beginning of Lilith Eve: a music organisation for female singer/songwriters in Sweden.

In strengthening our identity as artists and writers we can come together and inspire others to follow. Besides concerts and clubs we arrange seminars and workshops for our members. Lilith Eve keeps working to change the music scene in Sweden and to open new doors for original music written and performed by women. Why don’t you join us?

We’re also open to collaboration with creative organisations and artists abroad. Please don’t hesitate to approach us with your ideas or contact us for further information.